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We offer the productive welding of parts by means of two five-axis welding robots and a welding machine.

CCLOOS CNC Romat 350.

  • Work range: up to 4200 mm in diameter
  • Welding current power supply: Cloos GLC 553MC3/R
  • Positioners: WPG-DP1x WPEK-DP-KP

ESAB IT 258 BA welding machine

  • Max. height 2500 mm
  • Max. width 700 mm

We also use classic welding methods utilizing MIG/MAG and TIG gas shields, and a spot welding machine, which is able to weld plates up to 6.0 mm of thickness.

Consequently, the surface and the edges are rubbed down in our grinding shop to meet the required quality.

We perform also the other operations, such as:

  • Tip welding
  • Soldering
  • Nut pressing
  • Nut riveting

Currently we are able to weld large weldments made of structural steel of current quality, weighing more than one tone in a wide range of thickness. The TIG method is used for welding of stainless and aluminum plates up to 3 mm of thickness.

Larger weldments as well as common backings are descaled and cleared of dirt in a sandblasting cabin. Smaller parts are descaled in tumbling machines. The surface of the material is consequently homogeneous and velvety matt.

The welding process is supervised by a welding engineer in accordance with ČSN EN ISO 3834-2.